Inner Treasures Ministries Testimonials

                Dr. Becky Slabaugh

Iverna Tompkins D.D., D.Litt.


“If you have read “When Dreams and Destiny Collide” Dr. Slabaugh needs no introduction to you. I have known her for many years and can attest to her personal integrity and purposeful perseverance. She is a woman of wisdom who lives her life according to her personal standards and beliefs and Christian principles. This is not a book of intellectual platitudes, but one that shares learned knowledge and helpful guidance."

“Dr. Becky Slabaugh is a voice for God to hurting and broken lives. Her heart has been refined in the furnace of affliction leaving her integrity intact and blameless. Her one purpose is to represent the heart of the Father with a message is of mercy, deliverance, healing and hope. She has earned my deepest respect and friendship!"

Dennis Eagle

Amazon Best Selling Author

“The Indwelling Christ”

"In my many interactions and fellowship with Dr. Becky Slabaugh, she has been a true source of encouragement, enlightenment and impartation of spiritual truths.In her book The Ultimate Treasure Hunt, she makes it clear how she hears from God and teaches us how we can do the same with greater clarity on our journey to our destiny for the Glory of God. Knowing Dr. Becky is a treasure for me as well as for countless others."

Larry J. Raad
Life Coach

"Dr. Becky Slabaugh, is both a breath of fresh air in an oasis of hurting souls and a light laser cutting through to the seven key areas of your life to help you unlock God's purpose for you and your destiny. Through the sharing of her wisdom, insight, and inspiration, Dr. Becky hands you the keys to claim the treasure awaiting you when you discover your true place with God and His kingdom."

Judy Raad

Prophetic Teacher

“Dr. Becky is such a beautiful soul, emanating the glory of Jesus!"

Dayna Belcher

Certified Kingdom Builders Academy Coach

Kingdom Builders Academy


“As I have come to know Dr. Becky Slabaugh, I have sensed in the Spirit, a woman filled with the leading of the Holy Spirit, in all that she does. Becky is always willing to reach out to those in need, as the Spirit leads, and has a heart for the saints and others! It is a real blessing to know someone who is so filled with God's love!"

Jack Russell

Prophet, Teacher and Author

"Symbols Unveiled” book of Revelation


“Dr. Becky is a great inspiration to me bringing encouragement and prophetic insight to me at very timely times. Her love and sensitivity to our Heavenly Father allows God's Spirit to flow through her in powerful ways. Her books, Blog, Radio Program and personal emails all breathe hope and destiny inspiring one to run after all God has for them."

Brian Fleming

Barnabas Investments 

“Dr. Becky, you speak as if it's God speaking, and well HE is!!!Thank you for being you, for being vulnerable and sharing. I love how you partner with the LORD to speak into many people's (including mine) lives.... "

Linda Gleason

Glory Days Ministries

Burleson, Texas

“This teaching word is sweet oil... like almond oil with a heavenly fragrance... so much silk pajamas for our walk with God."

Pastor Barbara Moore

Ordained Minister, Radio Show Co-Host and Adjunct Professor

“A true gem from heaven! Dr. Becky guides you on a poetic journey of revelatory insights to inspire your destiny. Learn to cultivate intimacy from the inside out. The foundation of your identity is God. Unseal your divine purpose now." 

David Nico, Ph.D., “Dr. Healthnut"

Best-selling author, "Diet Diagnosis Diet",

"Dr. Becky’s second book in the “When Dreams and Destiny Collide – God is Messaging You” series is a pointed look at 7 areas of life. Drawing richly from the Word of God and her own life experiences, she guides the reader into a greater relationship with the Creator. Reading this book will bring encouragement. Actually following her advice will be life enhancing and exciting! Dr. Becky invites you to discover a new realm of possibilities, consistently pointing to God and His Word. She will lead you on the path of God’s direction with humility, humor, and jaw-dropping miracles."

Jane Huff

Author of Amazon #1 Best Selling Book

“An Intimate Look of the Amor of God”

“Becky is truly a breath of fresh air. Her delight in and passion for the Lord are evident in every word she speaks and writes. Becky lights up the room as she shares from a treasure trove of unique life experiences of God's goodness and graciousness. She will lovingly entice you to go deeper into your own relationship with the Creator to see all that He has in store for you."

Pamela Pollock, MBA, MA

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Personal Coach

Author of Amazon #1 Best Selling Book, “Dare to Dream – The Art of Co-Creating with God

“From the very first meeting with Becky, it was evident that she has an extraordinary relationship with our Heavenly Father. Her instinctive reaction to “lift others up” and radiate love is incredible. Becky serves God in a mighty way with a most sincere heart. Becky’s words are incredibly inspirational and one can almost see the Holy Spirit glowing within her."

Bonnie Eichstedt

Good Stewards Home Church 

“Having known Becky for 5 years, I can attest to her strength of character; someone who sincerely lives what she believes and has invested herself in getting to know the Father. She is an honest and true person with a passion for seeing people's lives changed by becoming all they can be in their walk with God."

Valerie Brown

Peoria, AZ

“Words cannot describe the encouragement that I have received from Becky. I have received timely words from her for about 5 years that were like an oasis in an emotional and spiritual desert. The Holy Spirit would confirm Becky's words in some amazingly powerful ways.  I hung onto those words for dear life!! I have often seen Becky minister to other pastors with honor, compassion, encouragement, power and faithfulness to the Lord."

Pastor Perry

Wagner Leadership Institute



“I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Becky for the past several years and consider her to be of high caliber character.

Her demeanor is exemplary as she is always pleasant and encouraging with everyone in her sphere of influence.  Our relationship is genuine because she is sure to bring this quality to the table.  Her expertise as a therapist is a bonus and I would not hesitate to recommend her as a professional and also as a friend.  She is kind, loving and humorous.  In addition, I esteem her for her integrity as a believer and her ability to be accurate in her prophetic gifting."

Rachel T. Sollenberger
Scottsdale Healing Room, Associate Director
His Heart Healing Room, Associate Director
ADD Clinic, Office Manager

“I already was familiar with Becky's compassion and ability to share spirituality in a way that allows women to feel safe and loved. Becky showed us how to lead, to step up or step back and let us each find our true selves. That is not a learned trait, it is a gifting."

Sandy G. on Women's Group

“I have learned so much from Becky through her strength and humility.  She is a woman of God, who knows her identity in the Lord, who walks in the Spirit in the hard places and shows her sisters how to do the same.  I am so blessed to have been a part of this group. Through this class I have been able to face fear, to rise above it in the Spirit rather than the flesh. I am going forward with trust, joy, excitement and expectation!"

Julie M. on Women's Group

"I just want to thank you for coming to speak at Business & Professional Women AZ.  Your talk gave each of us insights into leadership and how we can better relate to our business colleagues.  It also provided valuable insights into our own personalities."

Cynthia L.

"Thank you for bringing heaven to earth by using the gifts God has given you. You blessing me will help me to activate the Kingdom to bring freedom to those in need.  I thank you for that gift of love through Christ."

Rosemary A. on Adventures of Treasure Hunting




Your message is so powerful, in it’s timely delivery, and in the precision of affirming God’s word to me.

I have been in a season of intense integration, and it has been very, very painful.

I just want you to know what a powerful, comforting, reassuring word this is for me.

I appreciate your sensitivity to Papa’s voice and your continual willingness and preparedness to share.



Connie W. on Weekly Inspirational Messages