Inner Treasures Ministries Presents

ARISE! SHINE! Women's Conference


Julie Swaney ~ KING Ministries

During the conference as I looked around

the room as I was amazed at how

many leaders I knew from different times

in my ministry. 

The Lord said, this is what I call

My Gathering.

I had a sense of how significant

the appointed time was for the gathering.


I felt a fire burning in my spirit as we

gathered for afternoon prayer.

It got hotter and hotter then

began to explode in my inner man. 

The anointing became heavier and heavier

throughout the service.


I believe this group of leaders are being

prepared for an assignment on high and

it was first for healing and restoration and

then a release a birthing into this nation. 

I love how the whole service was

very anointed and each leader move

with the Holy Spirit with power.


This gathering was so new and unique,

a freshness of His presence,

a heavy weight of His Glory, and

a burning fire of His passion. 

There was a tangible anointing that was

imparted to whose who was there.

It was been days since the conference.

I feel His presence and fire increasing each day. 

Wow.. What an impartation.. my God..

There was such a heavenly level of

impartation in the conference.

Blessing to you (Becky & Bernie)

for listening to the Holy Spirit.

I’m never going to be the same.


Rosa Luera

This truly was a very refreshing time

in the Lord and exactly what I needed.

Ministered in so many ways...

Healed physically...I loved the

prophetic words I received.

They (the prophetic team) answered

some questions I was asking the Lord.


I can hardly wait until the next one.  

  Rachel Sollenberg, Healing Rooms Intl.

“At the end of the day, you will look back and say,

“God has done amazing things.”

This is how I felt on Saturday. 

Like the Lord did something

significant for all of us. 

I bless and cover Inner Healing Ministries

with the Blood of the Lamb....

His goodness and mercy follow you

all the days of your lives!!

Every women present exuded faith,

presence and encouragement....

The dance prophesied...passion,

glory, revelation, the power of

the Lamb’s blood to make us

white as snow.


And witnesses unto the world around us....

The bride staying in love

busy and looking for His coming.


Thank you for every word and

the love and unity in the spirit.


I consider myself blessed

to have been among 

all of you women of God!

Dee Clem

What a wonderful, Holy Spirit filled,

inspiring time with the Lord!


The presence of the Lord was truly there and

manifested His love to the

brokenhearted in a very

unique and powerful way. 


The musicians, dancers and speakers

were all powerfully anointed.


It was as if Heaven had come down to earth!


I was truly touched and

anxiously look forward

to the next Meeting.

Glenda Conway ~ Holy Spirit School 

I was so happy to be a part of this conference

and believe many hearts were touched

and spirits were lifted by the worship,

the messages, from the Father's Word and

heart, the prayers, testimonies and

prophetic ministry that was received

by all who attended. 

I know that my spirit was edified and

encouraged by Becky and Bernie and

for this I am truly grateful and very blessed.

One thing that touched me the most was

how the confession of our mouths

can change what is happening

in our lives and how we must remember this.

Somehow I had forgotten how important it was.

But now have been awakened and

made aware of this and

how it becomes a pit fall of the enemy and

the consequences that followed.


We now and always have the ability to

change even the very atmosphere and

circumstances around us.

The second thing is how we may see

what has happened or is happening to us

as the very worst thing that could ever be.

Until you hear what a small child has had to

endure with her siblings unto adulthood,

is beyond what anyone

should have to go through.

How Becky learned from Father God how and

what to do to survive and

how it changed her life and

still serve Him with all of her heart and

always with a smile.


 It makes me realize that maybe

what I have gone through and

have had to endure wasn't as bad

as what it could have been and

that we have all

had to go through something.

But here we are to testify and

give God the glory for His grace

is truly sufficient for us and

His promise to never leave us

is revealed in all of this and in us.

Thank you Becky and Bernie

for sharing your hearts and

your love of the Father with us.

God bless you and multiply the fruit

of your labor in great favor and

abundance in the spirit and

the natural and to Him be all of the

glory, honor, and the praise

in Jesus Name. Amen!

Ramona Simmons

I was invited to this conference to pray

for the women and worship the Lord,

my favorite thing to do.

Out of that God healed me

from past wounds from my childhood.


When Becky gave her testimony I was floored. 


We always hear testimonies of people and

rejoice in their success of overcoming,

but when it's a testimony similar to your own,

well, what can we say BUT GOD

and His sovereign power to

heal and recognize “you're not the only one”. 


God is the Father of all His creatures,

but when you realize that He's the all in all,

there's healing in the land.


I have suffered with rejection and

abandonment issues all my life from

a Mother that should not have been a Mother

and a Father who I never knew.

As a result, as a little person you don't understand these things and as an adult

you wonder how these things can happen. 


Becky's testimony ministered to my heart

and I let the healing oil flow through me

and touch me in a profound way. 

Its one thing to hear a person's testimony,

but entirely different when you know that person. 


Thank you Becky for your love and compassion

God has framed in your heart to be the person

He has called you to be at this time in your life.


Thank you for your openness and honesty.

God bless you mightily.

Victoria Barrett

How do you explain or testify to

the Glory of Heaven!!!!

This is what happened Saturday

at this conference:

Heaven came down!!!!

The music, the singing, the teachings, the dancers were all encompassed with the presence and the breath of God.     

I just wept as we experienced the beauty of

God's holy presence in a deeper dimension.   


Thank you for flowing with The Holy Spirit

that brought the Glories of Heaven down!!!!

GOD richly bless you all!!!